Combining excellence in research and strategy to drive business results.


Combining excellence in research and strategy to drive business results

We are a boutique research management consultancy. Working with the existing research department or as the research department, we help companies assess their research needs and deploy their research budgets in the most effective and efficient way. We dig deeper for the answers that will transform your thinking. The answers you need are not easy to find. We know that. We’ll help you get them and bring you closer to your consumers. We thrive on the challenge of your business issues – big or small.


We act as or assist your existing  marketing research function

We help companies assess their research needs and deploy their research budgets in the most effective and efficient way.

While we provide a custom solution to each research need, we do have some best practices that provide a basis for how we think common problems can be tackled.

Traditional Resesarch

Traditional Resesarch

We have access to all the research techniques used in the industry today and over 20 years experience managing research studies.

Story Gathering

Story Gathering

We engage you in a discussion of discovery to clearly define what you want. From there we can get you what you need. Before we do anything, we think it’s fundamental to understand and define the challenge.

Rank Tank

Rank Tank

Challenge conventional thinking. Rank Tank is a customized strategic planning session that accelerates idea generation. Invention happens and teams bond.

Rank It

Rank It

Testing ads and concepts should be done in context to help predict in-market success. RRG believes in helping you protect your investment by giving you potential sales results based on benchmark testing.

Brand Maps

Brand Maps

It is easy to get lost without a map. Finding your brand’s core is critical to your marketing success. Brand Maps positions your brand’s assets; imagery, personality as well as functional and emotional attributes.

Big Data

Big Data

Data already exists that can be applicable to your business. Primary research is not always your first step or even necessary. RRG believes that mining existing data sets can be an equally valuable data source.



Senior management must agree on key metrics that have the greatest impact on the company’s bottom line. Those metrics can be internal or external to your company and must be presented regularly in an easy to read format.

Research Audit

Research Audit

Do you know everything your company knows? Before any large research initiative RRG believes in an in-depth research review of your company’s past research, ensuring future work uncovers new insights…

Follow Me Homes

Follow Me Homes

We need to come out from behind our desks. Insights come from 1-on-1 meetings with consumers. How do they shop your brand? How do they really use it? How do they consume your communications? To really know…

They go far beyond the nuts and bolts of research and tend to be the keepers of our brands’ stories. The insights and experience they bring have helped us achieve tremendous and continued growth in Canada
Mark Wakefield, VP Marketing Ferrero Canada
The team at RRG have done a great job of managing all our research needs and integrating themselves into the Sleeman team. We have brand teams in Vancouver, Guelph and Montreal plus agencies in Toronto and they manage to serve all of our needs and are always accessible when we need them
Scott Pederson, Marketing Director Sleeman Breweries
Since joining in January the RRG team had an immediate impact on our business. Their ability to get up to speed quickly and mesh with the team has exceeded our expectations.  They are a welcome addition and we look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.
Dan Sorotschynski, Director, Marketing Communications, TELUS



Bottled Water

Client which sells bottled water was being “squeezed in the middle” . Research initiative was designed to bring innovation to the market and to allow the client to “charge more for water”

Defining Canada

Large global client needed to come up with a new definition of Canada for use in creative development.


Our Team

Within our ranks there are researchers, planners, and marketers. There are also travelers, sailors, photographers, and triathletes. What unites us is our drive to push ourselves, to constantly improve; an ethic we bring to your business.



With over 20+ years of experience in marketing research, advertising and strategic planning, Anik Karimjee has established himself as one of Canada’s premier marketing research consultants. [More]


Vice President

Greg began his market research career thanks to well-placed billboard advertising. Since that fateful day, he has worked for some of Canada’s most respected research organizations and thought leaders and is proud to bring this experience to Rank as Research Director. [More]


Quebec Strategist

Carole, a PHD in Industrial Psychology, began her career in Human Resources at Culinar before joining their Marketing Group. As Project Manager responsible for the launch of Vachon Snack Cakes in the USA, Carole handled every aspect of the new business venture, from package design and product reformulation to consumer research, market testing, marketing planning and advertising development. [More]


Business and Financial Planning

Christy began her finance career in public accounting where she worked with a diverse set of clients from both the public and the private sector. She soon moved client side to Canada’s largest retailer where she was involved in many high profile projects touching on areas such as technology, loyalty programs, credit and e enterprise. [More]

Enio Chiola


Research & Insights Director

Enio started his market research career with Decode (a youth-oriented insights firm) fresh out of his Master’s degree in Sociology & Equity Studies. He decided to pursue a career in Market Research which afforded him the resources to develop his natural curiosity about culture and society into a truly refined skill. He brings over 10 years of insight and market research experience as Insights & Research Director with Rank Research Group. [More]


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