Traditional research
Story gathering
Rank tank
Rank It
Brand maps
Big Data
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Traditional research

We have access to all the research techniques used in the industry today and over 15 years experience conducting research studies.

We can employ any or all of these tools:

  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Concept evaluation
  • Segmentation studies
  • Package evaluation
  • Brand image and positioning research
  • B2B research
  • Tracking studies
  • New product development
  • Media effectiveness
  • Pricing research
  • Advertising testing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Qualitative research
  • Litigation research
  • Product and taste tests
  • Conjoint / tradeoff analysis

Story gathering

We engage you in a discussion of discovery to clearly define what you want. From there we can get you what you need.

Before we do anything, we think it’s fundamental to understand and define the challenge.

We work to understand the scope of the issue by assessing why you need research. We review your existing data and hypothesis and find out how you will use the new results.

From there, we explore solutions and make specific recommendations. Sometimes we find that the data already exists or that the project just isn’t a strategic priority – and that’s okay. Our priority is finding the right research solution for your business.

Rank tank

Challenge conventional thinking. Rank Tank is a customized strategic planning session that accelerates idea generation. Invention happens and teams bond.

The Rank Tank is a totally customized and facilitated strategic planning session. After an extensive briefing on your goals, your team and the lessons you’ve learned from previous brainstorming sessions or off-sites, we deliver your Rank Tank.

In these sessions, techniques are used to challenge conventional thinking and take participants’ idea generation further. We even explore some creative visualization techniques. The results are typically two fold:

  • Business results are delivered – inventions happen.
  • Teams bond and individuals learn to think differently on a long term basis.

Rank it

Testing ads and concepts should be done in context to help predict in-market success. RRG believes in helping you protect your investment by giving you potential sales results based on benchmark testing.

We feel the best way to optimize an ad or concept for real life is to test it in the context of real life.

Ads and concepts are benchmarked against existing material whose performance is known. We create performance criteria in advance and can help predict in-market success.

Before the rubber meets the road with investment, we aim to predict the sales results and evaluate the potential for success.

Brand maps

It is easy to get lost without a map. Finding your brand’s core is critical to your marketing success. Brand Maps positions your brand’s assets; imagery, personality as well as functional and emotional attributes.

When developed through quantitative and qualitative research and agreed upon by stakeholders, the brand map ensures the entire company is headed in the same direction increasing the company’s chances of success.

Big Data

Data already exists that can be applicable to your business. Primary research is not always your first step or even necessary. RRG believes that mining existing data sets can be an equally valuable data source.

The “Digital Exhaust”: left by consumers is an important and often under-utilized fountain of information.

Collecting and analyzing this and other large data sets can provide valuable insight into the (purchasing) habits of consumers. The sources can be social media, loyalty programs, government data sets, store sales, etc. The key is finding the patterns, uncovering the relevant data points and presenting the results in a way that is relevant to your business.


Senior management must agree on key metrics that have the greatest impact on the company’s bottom line. Those metrics can be internal or external to your company and must be presented regularly in an easy to read format.

Dashboard is an in-depth consultative process where key stakeholders from all departments agree to a short list of key metrics that are directly linked to the company’s profitability and success.

Metrics are not necessarily researched based and could be as varied as long term weather forecasts, macro economic indicators and other data points typically external to your organization, but have a proven track record of impacting the bottom line.

Once the list has been created, RRG develops a presentation format which is easy to understand and provides reports on the agreed upon time period.


Do you know everything your company knows? Before any large research initiative RRG believes in an in-depth research review of your company’s past research, ensuring future work uncovers new insights and is informed by what was done in the past.

Follow me homes

We need to come out from behind our desks. Insights come from 1-on-1 meetings with consumers. How do they shop your brand? How do they really use it? How do they consume your communications? To really know, you need follow them home.

After years of experience with consumer immersions, RRG has a proven methodology that will ensure that participants will get the most out of their experience.

Our process not only looks at the actual immersion itself, but the briefing, debriefing and dissemination of the results as well.